About Weiqi


Weiqi Electronics is a professional audio equipment manufacturer in China. Weiqi features sereis of Public Address System.
All of our products have been designed with the professional in mind. You don't just see or hear the quality - you feel it. And whether you're a hard-working musician, studio engineer, or even a street busker, Weiqi has something to offer. We invite you to browse through our extensive catalog and website -- we're sure that there's something for you.
Among Weiqi's most popular items are our PA Systems. Weiqi is constantly modernizing these powerful devices to meet the demands of the modern user. Our flagship PAs include wireless microphones, rechargeable batteries, and touch screen.
They’re great for use in large areas and events – at churches for weddings and religious services, at schools, gyms, birthday parties – anything indoor or outdoor where your voice needs to be heard loud and clear. And they’re easily transportable, thanks to caster wheels and telescoping handles. Use it for any audio – voice, guitar, CD, MP3 player – they handle everything.